Holding of the Elective General Assembly January 2020

In the year two thousand and twenty, on January 30 at 5:00 p.m., the members of the Mechatronic Tunisia “CMT” Cluster met at the Laico Tunis hotel, in an Elective General Assembly convened by the president of the association, Mr. Chékib Debbabi in accordance with statutory provisions.

The members present are:

– MrWasselBerrayana

– MrTaherJarboui (represented by MrWasselBerrayana)

– MrAnisSahbani

– Mr Khaled Daami

– MrHédiZaher

– MrHichemTurki

– Mr Mokhtar Zannad

– MrChekibDebbabi

– MrWalidRouis

– MrImed Ammar

– MrKamelBesbes

– Mr Nizar Mertah

– MrHelmiSejil

The assembly is chaired by Mr. ChekibDebbabi. The President opened the meeting at 5.15 p.m., welcoming the audience and cited that the Assembly was called to deliberate on the following agenda:

Election of the new office of the Mecatronic Tunisia Cluster , he presents the candidates to the general assembly and submits to votes the new composition of the office.

After deliberation, the members below are elected unanimously:

– MrWalidRouis: President

– Mr Khaled Daami: Vice-President

– MrHichemTurki: Treasurer

– Mr Nizar Mertah: Secretary General