Our strategy

Address all companies in the mechatronics sector regardless of their level of development in order to support the entire industrial tissue and especially SMEs and startups.

This strategy is based on the following axes:

  • Define a strategic positioning and sectors of specialization in line with market needs and business capabilities, in order to open up to new markets, particularly for export to Europe and Africa. The cluster has already taken positions in areas such as: health – mobility – Smart city
  • Strengthen the competitiveness and the productivity of companies from projects stemming both from them and from the cluster’s proposals on strategic axes from:
  •  Support tools made up of:
  • A resource center drawing on the expertise of the cluster, with a portfolio of specialized external expertise;
  • Partnerships with the public and the private sector, in particular for the mobilization of the various public support mechanisms existing in Tunisia;
  • A digital platform for exchanges, market / technology watch and third-place innovation type;
  • A strong presence of the cluster with companies, in order to offer its expertise on all aspects of project engineering in order to be a major player in Tunisian IMEs
  • Collaborative projects concerning all actions that strengthen competitiveness

Open up to market opportunities and new resources through a communication and partnership strategy in order to develop exchanges and business on strategic axes with other companies, particularly foreign ones, and including startups;

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