Our goals

Promote the economic, commercial, technological and social development of its members through support, investment and / or industrial cooperation actions in the field of mechatronics (electronics, mechanics and digital)

  • Design projects, mobilize funding, as part of collaborative and collective operational actions in various areas such as: commercial development including internationally, organization and industrial development (organization, quality, digitization), skills development, financing of programs offered by the cluster or on company initiatives) and any other area deemed useful for the development of companies (innovation)


    • To ameliorate the relationship between industry> startups, engineering schools and research laboratories
    • Mobilize the efforts of members in the service of local solutions for local problems in support of public institutions (health, transport, industry)
    • Implement industrial cooperation actions with foreign operators
    • Promote the skills development of employees, workers, executives and managers
    • Respond to the socio-economic challenges of Tunisia by creating jobs including skilled jobs

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