Since 2012, the cluster has been structured on the basis of the will of the leaders who have joined it, but also on the basis of the various collective actions undertaken. More than 2 million euros have been invested collectively on themes such as: innovation – partnership and openness to international markets (Europe and Africa), training of employees and managers, pooling of purchases, participation at trade fairs, including international ones. In addition, many inter-company investments have been made from the relationship created within the Cluster. Numerous working meetings and seminars have enabled members to network, allowing them to develop inter-company partnerships and the development of new opportunities.

The companies that make up the cluster are both

Completely exporting companies which often act in assembling either :
• On large international value chains
• As a pilot on innovation programs
SMEs mainly subcontractors, some of which seek to reduce the share of subcontracting in order to develop specific products

This mixture of size, market positioning, type of management has a beneficial effect for all members through the exchange of best practices, market opportunities, regulatory and technological developments in the sector. It is also necessary to underline the complementarity in technological terms which favor a global offer.

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