The CLUSTER MECATRONIC TUNISIE, abbreviation CMT, is the first Tunisian and African interconnected cooperation of companies and public institutions in the IMEE sector (industries, mechanics, electrical and electronics). The initial aim was to promote the transformation of mechanical companies by associating in collaborative actions with other companies of the electronic and digital industries) and this, in order to adapt to the evolutions of the markets and to increase the added value produced by Tunisia.

Created in 2012 under the impulsion of the French Development Agency (AFD), the Cluster started at the Sousse Competitiveness Pole (PCS, newly Novation City) with 16 companies and 3 public institutions; it now has 96 companies with a total of 31,730 employees, some of which are fully exporters, 9 institutions of national scope. The companies that make up the cluster are both high-growth technology companies, but also SMEs, many of which are subcontractors. These companies are present in the following sectors: mechanics, electronics, plastics, IT, hence the name mechatronics.

We are present in major international value chains such as: automotive, aeronautics, but also in new markets such as: the environment, different forms of mobility, smart cities, etc.


it now has 96 companies, 9 institutions and is national in scope.

Figure since 2012

96 companies
31730 Employees
1650 M€ Turnover
91 M€ Capital


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Partnership with Cluster France

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