Why join the cluster?

  • To belong to a community, which makes it possible to exchange ideas, to open up to opportunities either during regular work meetings or during events.
  • The cluster offers free support for project development, fundraising and advice. Upon joining, the company benefits from an audit that identifies the objectives and needs of the company and the contribution of the Cluster.
  • Constitute global offers
  • Linking territorial know-how
  • Unite agents carrying tacit knowledge, industrial researchers and venture capitalists to give birth to creativity
    • Stimulate international partnerships
    • Strive for economies of scale
    • Extend the visibility of the company
    • Look for new markets
    • Seek economic intelligence
  • Upgrading products
  • Work on product and process innovations

Membership conditions

Membership is obtained after the favorable opinion of the Board of Directors, this opinion is conditioned by the following points:

  • Have an activity in Industries: Mechanics, Electrical, Electronics, IT, plastics
  • Headquarters in Tunisia
  • Submit your candidacy for the Board of Directors
  • Pay your annual membership fee
Number of employees 1 to 19 20 to 49 50 to 99 100 to 499 500 to 999 1000
Contributions 300 DT 600 DT 900 DT 1500 DT 2000 DT 3000 DT

Any question, do not hesitate to contact